Tuesday, August 17, 2010

promises, promises....

About 10 days ago, our baby turned 6 months old. She is pulling up and trying to stand, crawling backwards, head-scooting, rolling, rocking and jabbering like crazy.
She is such an amazing little girl and brings so much joy to our lives!!

So we kept our promise to the kids (that they begged us to make when we told them we were pregnant) and got another dog. An English Lab mix puppy. He's 7 weeks old and we named him Moose since we are pretty sure that he will be bigger than the 2 dogs we have; a Basset Hound named Sammy that's 2yrs and a Beagle/Jack Russel/Akita/Welsh Corgi mix named Colby that's also 2 yrs.

Housebreaking is definatly m least favorite part, but he's not doing too bad!! He's still having a rough time sleeping alone, but our other 2 are crate trained so we are trying to do the same with him. Poor little guy would much rather sleep with us, but since he isn't fully house trained yet, it isn't an option.

Colby who protected me from other dogs during the pregnancy and won't let other dogs near his food is having the hardest time with Moose. He is willing to share food, but still tries to protect the baby from the puppy.

Sammy is excited to have him around to play and gets frustrated when the puppy tires out before he does.

All 3 kids are in love, and I think we found a great new addition to our family   : D