Tuesday, July 30, 2013

finding our "normal" for school days

Honestly that's impossible, but I'm really looking forward to this year and I want to start off with trying to make myself keep track, relish and enjoy it more.
We are starting our second year in My Fathers World curriculum, in 2nd grade for Butterfly (Adventures in US History) as well as Kindergarten for Ladybug.
Before you get upset, understand that the child has not stopped asking for "real school like -Butterfly- does" in almost a year! I am fully planning on not doing all of it and repeating it next year (and maybe the year after) until she really truly gets it and I feel is completely ready to move on.

So our day starts with COFFEE! for Daddy & Mommy anyway...
We really start with Breakfast & making Daddy's lunch and getting dressed.
School begins with K work, and as we are only 3 days in that is Creation and colors and a few letters. Butterfly is trying to do her own thing but is very interested in the activities for K, it's much more fun then the torture, I mean, multiple curriculums I/we tried with her.
We then have snack and stretching or recess.
While at the table we start Art then Maps for 2nd and then begin History. At some point Tweedle has started playing and soon Ladybug joins him while Butterfly and I try to finish school before lunch. Some days she finishes while they take a nap, then everyday she has quiet reading.

At this point I am still unpacking from our recent move during this time, but I hope to make this quiet time more useful soon as I would like to work on projects and get my sewing machine set up so I can do that during this time too.
After they wake up, they usually snack and play and we do chores and then get ready for dinner.
We are schooling year-round, so I'm not currently worried about how many days we get in each week since school around here doesn't start for another 3 weeks... wait only 3 weeks!! Time for me to get working on our notification letter!!