Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can Christmas be "FAIR"??

Last year we had this discussion... and thought we came up with an answer but this year we are again struggling with what to do for Christmas with the children.

See, Doodle is always with his mother for both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day... and being a few hours away we don't get Christmas Eve, but we get him the day after Christmas through New Years which works great for us. Except for the "Family Christmas" traditions that we like to have on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.

Doodle gets Christmas with his mother and her parents on Christmas Day.
Butterfly gets an extra Christmas with her father and his family near Christmas.

We thought about doing 2 Christmases, one on Christmas with the kids that live here, and one a couple days later when Doodle is here, but is that fair?
If we do that, how do we split the presents so that on 2nd Christmas everyone feels it's fair? without overloading the kids that live here?

Isn't it funny how Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and it's supposed to be about His Birthday, but somehow in this material world, no matter what we do - we know that it will come down to the presents for each child...

In some ways, the Holidays are really depressing in a Jigsaw family...