Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

So after 2 days of eating Thanksgiving dinner, I finally couldn't handle the last of the leftovers! So on the 3rd day for lunch Hubby helped me make potato pancakes and "chinese" turkey, it was delicious! Sadly I forgot to take a picture....

Then for dinner, I got creative!

We took the rest of the stuffing and gravy, mixed them with some parmesan cheese and added a little more turkey stock (homemade from the bones of the thanksgiving turkey) to soften it and added the chopped up stems from the mushrooms.
The mushroom caps baked (opening down) for 10 min @ 400 degrees.
Then we stuffed the caps and baked them for another 20 mins. Soo delicious!!
I might make more stuffing soon, just so I can make these. It really was that good!

After the stuffing stuffed mushrooms, all we had left was the green bean casserole and a little turkey... It wasn't enough to make a meal, unless I added something. So we made rice and then thinned out the casserole with a bit more milk, mixed them all together and I think we have a new dish!
I just have to come up with a name.... any ideas???

So today, we have no more leftovers... our lunch was tuna or PB&J.

Dinner will be Salisbury Steaks with mushroom and onion gravy, and some scalloped potatoes.

Tomorrow we might still be tired of poultry, but by the next day I think we will again eat chicken or turkey :)

You can bet, I'm already looking forward to Christmas dinner, and the leftovers from that!!


What a wonderful way to start the super early day! Daddy made breakfast :)

Then we got the turkey cleaned, and "stuffed" with carrots, onion, celery, fresh sage and thyme. Covered in butter and s&p. Then we put it in a bag, on a rack, in the pan. Phew!
That is our first turkey!!

The girls thought it sounded so good, they were already wanting to eat Thanksgiving!!

The rest of the morning, the girls hung out with Daddy (when he wasn't helping), and we got the rest of dinner cooking by 11:30am! So with things just finishing up (and waiting for the turkey drippings so I could make gravy), we left Hubby in charge of food, and I took the girls upstairs to clean up and get dressed... We came down to a beautifully set table :)

Homemade Sourdough Stuffing!! My new Favorite! Shh, I think it's better than my mom's, who before this year has the ONLY stuffing I ever liked!

Homemade Pecan Pie, in a homemade crust.

Hillbilly Green Beans... (thanks again for the recipe mom - he decided he wanted it made with ham and fresh green beans, so I had to start it the day before), these are so yummy they are requested to be a new family favorite!

Smashed Potatoes (homemade mashed potatoes with the skins still on), always a staple! With yes, that's Whole Berry, Cranberry Sauce. Sadly I was the only one who liked it... but with ground clove like my dad taught me, it was wonderful!

The turkey! mmmmm, juicy :)

Homemade Green Bean Casserole with Hubby's Home fried "french" onions!  With a new favorite here, Pecan topped Sweet Potatoes.

Thanks to Butterfly and my mom, we had homemade pumpkin pies! You know it wouldn't be the holidays without pumpkin pie!

The girls had to try out the turkey leg, Butterfly knew what to do, but Ladybug had to explore it first! 

That was our Thanksgiving!
We had it for lunch, then we ate the leftovers "as is" for the rest of the day, and the whole next day!

Preparing for Thankgsgiving...

This year was a lot of firsts for us!
The celebration of 1 whole year in our new house; Ladybug's first Thanksgiving; my first one cooking the whole dinner; our first "just us" Family Thanksgiving (except that we were again, sadly missing Doodle...); and our first "junk-free" or mostly homemade Thanksgiving!

So we started the day before, Hubby had to work, so I called in some reinforcements, LOL!
Butterfly and her friend, Fish, to do the real cleaning :)

Puppy came to share lunch with Ladybug, while Butterfly and Fish ate too :)

Then Butterfly and Fish played soccer...

sliding, and...

Butterfly even pushed Fish on the swings!

Of course, Puppy kept Ladybug busy too! All so I could have a kid-free kitchen to clean up, make pie crusts and start preparing everything I needed for Thanksgiving!