Monday, April 22, 2013

Boys are different than girls!

Yes, we ALL know that!
Seriously though, I had a baby girl met Hubby and loved 8yr old Doodle and had another baby girl.
Now we have Tweedle who is ALL BOY!
He just turned 2. He finally has enough words that I can usually understand the points and grunts between. He has this amazing ability to copy every new physical skill of his older sisters' within a week of them learning it!
Now, the weather is getting warmer, he has learned how to remove his clothes, and more importantly he has learned that "pee" is "wet".
Mind blowing!!
Now he has to remove his clothes on a regular basis and see if he can pee. He sometimes tries to put it in the potty, or down the drain in the bath or shower. He tries!
Mostly he tries and decides he down and walks away in time to get it on things it should not be on: blankets, cabinets, the fridge, the island, the trashcan, walls, and of course the floor... only sometimes the floor in the bathroom!
Potty habits are already nothing like I ever dealt with when the girls started!
As I write this he has undressed himself several times, asked me to help him pee, tried, mostly gotten himself re-dressed, then decided to start all over again.
He's really cute, good thing!

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