Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another New Year Begins with grocery shopping

We woke up a little later than usual at 9am. Part of the reason was because we were all up until midnight last night looking for Tweetle's "kindle" (InnoTab) that he got for Christmas. We started looking at 8 (with plans to let them play for a bit then a late bedtime of 9pm), that boy had us looking EVERYWHERE!

So we got up and had our coffee and such. Then we all got dressed and the kids packed to stay the night with Grandma, then we had breakfast and gathered everything for the day.

Daddy stayed home to work on his album!!! (The studio that we moved to be closer to had a fire so he is recording it in the basement of our new home a house built in 1950! Oh, and he has a new job too).

The kids and I went to the Farmers Market. Yes, we drove through snow to get to a Farmers Market that they hold inside the local mall in the colder months!!
I can't begin to describe to you the crazy time we had with Butterfly in a wheelchair trying to get through... lets just say 2+ hours later we spent under $20 at 4 vendors to buy 2 blocks of cheese $12, 1 tub of cheese curds $5, 1 tiny brick of beeswax $1, 3 maple suckers $0.75, and 1 cup of Choc.cherry coffee $2. Meanwhile the story of her cast was told and re-told...

Then we went to pick up my mom and we went to Costco where I spent $37 on Org cane sugar 11.lbs-$10, Org Flour 10.lbs-$8, cans of org diced tomatoes 8(14.5oz)-$6, and bags of org frozen corn $6+ and green beans $6+.

We made a "quick stop" at Trader Joe's that turned out to be really long when my mom had to bring the girls in for the potty after Tweetle and I had walked into the packed store alone...
I spent $22 on 2 packs of cheese sticks $4 each, org Avocados $3+, Org Red onions $3+, and ( org fair trade) Coffee $7.

Across the street to Whole Foods. I spent $24 on half&half $6, milk $4, beef stock $0 (they gave it to me since they were out of the one i wanted), org Chili Powder $4, org sour cream $3, 2 doz eggs $6, and corn tortillas $2.

I ran into Pet People for a bag of the GF cat food we need so the cat doesn't throw up all the time... $20... but it lasts both cats almost a month and the 13th bag will be free!!

Then I dropped off the kids with my mom at her house, got them settled and everything and left.

I stopped at Walmart (I really. really. don't like going to Walmart, especially on the weekend, especially when there's a predicted snow storm) to see if I could get things cheaper there.
I spent $32 on 12 double rolls of Toilet Paper $6, Washing soda $3, Citric acid $3, Yeast $4, Fish food $4+, Natural lunch meat $6, a cheap can opener $2, and a splurge on a rope light $2+.

I ended my shopping day at Raisin Rack to get 13 gallons refilled with purified H2O $5, and also bought org sprouted bread $4+, and org sprouted tortillas $3 for a total of $12.

It took all day but I only spent $167, $123 on food (Local food stamps is $123.50/wk per family of 4).
$124 was left from my $150 weekly grocery budget after going in on a deal with some local friends for Chocolate chips and vanilla beans.
I had saved $40 from last week for the trip to Costco, and the last $3 was our "treats" of suckers and coffee at the Farmers Market that came from my ever decreasing "fun budget".

This is more than enough food for the 5 of us for more than a week with the meat from the freezer. This includes Daddy taking lunch with him to work everyday and us eating made-from-scratch meals at home for almost every meal.

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