Monday, June 28, 2010


We spent a wonderful half week camping. 2 parents, 2 little girls, 2 dogs... we had fun!
We relaxed and built fires, I read a book, we played catch and "tennis"/badmitton.
Daddy taught Butterfly to cast her fishing pole and after getting bored 10 minutes into it and losing her hook, she had fun practicing in the grass for days :)
Ladybug was the happiest she's ever been, getting her feet dirty, staring at the sky, watching her doggies, and watching the river!
We played a bit in the river and even went to Old Man's Cave one afternoon with the dogs and took a hike on the trails through there!
Fun, Relaxing, Refreshing, Exciting! Great family memories... which brings me to wonder if all trips are "family" trips if it's most and not all of the family?
I not then what do we call it? or if so, then what do we call it to the family member not there? now or in the future...
Another challenge of having a split but blended family structure...

We will go back again, to the same place whether it's a few more times this year or not until next year.

Anyplace that makes Butterfly declare daily that "God made a beautiful world for us" is worth going back to!

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