Sunday, October 31, 2010

Changes and Additions

So it's been a while......
I'm only a little sorry, see it just so happens that our life totally changed immediatly after my last post. Our little Ladybug who was working towards sleeping through the night and was starting to follow her older sister's social butterfly ways, suddenly became a clingy child that would not sleep for anything!

This hit at the same time that we were hit with separate but very impacting news/fights? about each of our ex's trying to make our life more difficult (did they meet, talk and conspire together?) through the older children... who already have soo much to deal with! Can't we just play nice until they are adults and we don't have to have contact anymore?

Well, soon after, Ladybug started crawling... and said "DADA"... and then cruising.... and so we thought things would get better!

They haven't :(

Soo, then we looked into other things, all the while trying to find ways to up my milk supply which despite her nursing every 45 mins to 2 hours was diminishing... after seriously over producing with my first daughter, this made no sense to me!


my husband asked the forbidden question!

I had to indulge,

I had to show him he was wrong,

I had to.....

I had to test..

and so....

we learned...

that we are expecting a new baby!!

We sat on the news, absorbing the idea of children just over a year apart...

There is a 6 yr gap between Doodle & Butterfly, a 4 yr gap between Butterfly and Ladybug (yes a 10 yr gap between Doodle and Ladybug) so this "gap" doesn't feel like one at all.
We will soon be parents to an 11 yr old, a 5 yr old, a 1 yr old, and a newborn!

By soon, I mean in about 6 months...

Yes - we will find out our Baby's gender
NO - we will not try for another homebirth
Yes - the baby will be born in the hospital but without all the interventions
and finally
Yes -this is our last time.

Sad, yet freeing...

With such spacings between our children, we are ready to move out of baby stages and on with child stages. We want to enjoy all of our children, and give them all wonderful FAMILY memories. We want them all to enjoy each other and we want to have the ability to spend time with each of them.

So our current "family project" is to totally rearrange the house, changing almost every room in the house, preparing not only for this baby, but for the family time and projects that we want to start or continue.
Wish us luck :) and don't take it personal if you know me in real life and I don't have time to hang out, I promise it's not you, it's life... but I'm sure this trying time will take it's toll on many friendships and I guess I'm ready for that... I just hope that I still have a few when this time is over!

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