Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preparing for Thankgsgiving...

This year was a lot of firsts for us!
The celebration of 1 whole year in our new house; Ladybug's first Thanksgiving; my first one cooking the whole dinner; our first "just us" Family Thanksgiving (except that we were again, sadly missing Doodle...); and our first "junk-free" or mostly homemade Thanksgiving!

So we started the day before, Hubby had to work, so I called in some reinforcements, LOL!
Butterfly and her friend, Fish, to do the real cleaning :)

Puppy came to share lunch with Ladybug, while Butterfly and Fish ate too :)

Then Butterfly and Fish played soccer...

sliding, and...

Butterfly even pushed Fish on the swings!

Of course, Puppy kept Ladybug busy too! All so I could have a kid-free kitchen to clean up, make pie crusts and start preparing everything I needed for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love them! And thanks again for taking them!