Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

So after 2 days of eating Thanksgiving dinner, I finally couldn't handle the last of the leftovers! So on the 3rd day for lunch Hubby helped me make potato pancakes and "chinese" turkey, it was delicious! Sadly I forgot to take a picture....

Then for dinner, I got creative!

We took the rest of the stuffing and gravy, mixed them with some parmesan cheese and added a little more turkey stock (homemade from the bones of the thanksgiving turkey) to soften it and added the chopped up stems from the mushrooms.
The mushroom caps baked (opening down) for 10 min @ 400 degrees.
Then we stuffed the caps and baked them for another 20 mins. Soo delicious!!
I might make more stuffing soon, just so I can make these. It really was that good!

After the stuffing stuffed mushrooms, all we had left was the green bean casserole and a little turkey... It wasn't enough to make a meal, unless I added something. So we made rice and then thinned out the casserole with a bit more milk, mixed them all together and I think we have a new dish!
I just have to come up with a name.... any ideas???

So today, we have no more leftovers... our lunch was tuna or PB&J.

Dinner will be Salisbury Steaks with mushroom and onion gravy, and some scalloped potatoes.

Tomorrow we might still be tired of poultry, but by the next day I think we will again eat chicken or turkey :)

You can bet, I'm already looking forward to Christmas dinner, and the leftovers from that!!

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