Monday, June 11, 2012

My small win & Fill 3, or halfway there?!?

Today has already been a roller coaster. Over the weekend lil Tweetle had a pretty bad fever and was barely eating or sleeping at night.
He really just wanted to snuggle with Mommy, but that requires flopping his head over and over until he falls asleep... which could take hours. I did my best to hold him, we have figured out that if he sits on my foot, I can help him climb up so I don't hurt myself picking him up, but holding him still just hurts if he touches or lays on my chest.

Last night was the worst, almost 2 hours of him crying and screaming and lunging for me from Daddy's arms. So I held him on the couch, in the rocker, the couch again, the rocker again... each time he tried to push up and away like he wanted me to stand up.
Finally I gave in, Daddy (tried to talk me out of it, then) carefully handed him to me standing up so I could keep his weight on my hips... after a few minutes he pushed away still unhappy and I leaned forward holding on to him and stopped him from falling.
Searing pain ripped across the bottom of my right lump. With the help of pain meds, we finally got to bed and got us all to sleep.

This morning we were tired but happy to have a little more time than usual to get out the door since my appt was later than Hubby's usual time into work. I had a small win: I showered by myself, inculing washing & rinsing my hair, drying off and getting dressed and doing my hair.
We dropped the kids off at my parents house and went to my appt.

We discussed with the Dr a bit more about the plan going forward and what amount to try for today... I decided on 100, so hopefully after this I have 2 more times before my next surgery and I can be done with all this. We got 100 in the right, initially it was easier than last time but helped to sit up right after and get my heart shaped underarm pillow.

Then they tried 100 in the left, as they pulled out the needle, it felt like a geyser. Fluid was coming out of the hole and slightly concerned Hubby that the expander had sprung a leak. The Nurse said it was fine and tried to get it to stop, realizing it wasn't clear she called the Dr back in. He came and looked, pulled 25 out of the expander. Then realizing that I was swollen, pulled another 25 or more of my fluid out by manipulating my lump from different angles... that was anything but pleasant.

Now I'm at my parents too, and while it's nice to be close to the kids, I feel like knives are going through my right side, starting at the bottom (where I aggravated the muscle last night) and going around my lump, through to my back and all down my right arm.

I think from here on out, my max will be 75 until I'm done! We agreed to wait 3 weeks before my next fill instead of 2 like we have been doing.
I'm really hoping I heal fast like last fill.

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