Thursday, August 9, 2012

Staple Free!! and L-fill 2

I never got around to updating you last week. I went in for my appt and they pulled out 1/2 of the staples (every other one) or 17... is it weird that I counted my 34 staples??
Any way, my anxiety about getting them out wasn't worth it. It pulled a bit and some tore the skin a tad, but mostly there was pinching and stinging. The stinging lasted the rest of the day, but again I had taken a bunch to help me relax so I collappsed after we got home.

This week I went in and the Dr checked me out and then had the nurse come in and take out the rest of the staples and put 50cc in, she tried to get the fluid around it out and could only pull 30cc out by herself. Since there was still more we decided another 50 in would be ok, so she put the 50cc in and the Dr came in to push and manipulate more fluid out. I was tight and uncomfortable when it was in, but with pulling out another 20cc, I was fine.
(Now L has 150cc, or half of R that has 325cc... I'm starting to wonder if I'm being selfish by still wanting to go up to 500cc or a *C* cup?)

I came home and napped for 1/2 an hour then made homemade BBQ sauce for slowcooked BBQ Chicken, with Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes, Homemade 4 cheese Macaroni and cheese, and Broccoli. It was delicious!! I think I need to start posting recipes again as I'm starting to meld and create again.

The next day I was sore, and today, 2 days out I'm still sore, but again, it's muscle soreness NOTHING like the first round of fills on that side!
On a side note, this week has been interesting with only Lady Bug & Tweedle with me. Butterfly is at her father's for his summer week (actually she's again at his mom's or with his sister, NOT with him...) so she won't be back until sunday. Doodle hasn't been here since before my most recent surgery but is finally able to make it this weekend.This weekend will be a change from normal with Doodle coming but not having Butterfly. Can't wait!!
Next week we hopefully join a local Homeschool group as we officially start Homeschooling Butterfly this year. Here in Ohio the compulsory age is 6, so we have to notify this year but she is already working on a 1st grade curriculum!

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