Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding a sitter & my 1st fill appt

We have been looking for a sitter/nanny/ replacement me to be here when Hubby must work...
It has been an adventure. Over 30 people have been weeded through so far, Who would have thought that simple things like wanting them available the hours the ad said we wanted someone, or asking for an interview so we could meet them and they could meet the kids, or asking for their phone number would make so many people decide the job was not for them?
We found one wonderful girl, who was recommended and just isn't available all the time. She came today (first day) and we all love her so when she is free we will gladly have her.
We found a teenager in our neighborhood that will come help after school when she can, and my grandparents were also here today.
They all helped me interview an interesting girl that should be helping the last half of this week, but we all feel I should keep looking for a permanent helper.

Today was a rough day anyway.
See, I was starting to feel better last week. Exactly one week after my surgery I felt like I was on the mend! Taking less pain pills, getting outside to watch the kids play. I went to the store to get dance clothes for the girls with my mom & went grocery shopping the next day with Hubby and Tweetle. I was excited to be doing well.
Saturday night, Hubby took Tweetle to bed and then fell asleep himself before I came upstairs (poor guy has been working so hard). I didn't want to wake him so I tried to empty and strip my drains myself... I think I pulled too hard on my Left one, because it started to hurt that night, and its been hurting ever since :(
Sunday I took more pain pills. Today I went to the Dr.
They started by telling me that my incisions are healing well! I was happy, I told them about the discomfort and they decided to cut the extra long stitches from my incisions as well as the stitches on my drain tubes.
They warned me that my tubes could come out anytime now, and if I saw the white part of the tube to just pull the rest of it out.
I then got my first fill. Between seeing large syringes, the talk of using a needle and already being nervous, I all but passed out. Hubby kept reminding me to breathe while covering my eyes for me and holding my hand. (he really will do almost anything for me <3 ). It felt like a small elephant sat on my chest and started growing until I couldn't breathe. They gave me a minute and then did the other side too.
We got the kids from my parents, came home and I took another pain pill...
I started getting used to the feelings in my chest. Kinda strange sensations that were creepy/crawly on my chest, lots of pressure but no real pain except the Left drain tube.
Around lunch time I went to the bathroom, and then adjusted my bra because I had a weird tickle on my right side. I realized I was leaking on my right so the sweet sitter today helped me upstairs. we found that my drain was partially out so as the Dr has said she pulled it the rest of the way out. I have been having shooting pains for the last 4 hours since through my right side.

Now that we have this week taken care of with sitters, and today's is doing great with the kids I wanted to make an update and rest.
The hardest thing for me right now is wanting to be around the kids but being in so much pain when the kids touch me. So for now I rest, but I will try to keep letting you know how I'm doing.

**Thanks for all the support.
If you don't know, my friends have set up a site to raffle off donated items to help us come up with the money we need to pay for the sitter. We have enough money for this week and maybe half of next week already! I am thankful for friends, and all the wonderful people who are willing to help us out.

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