Tuesday, May 29, 2012

managing pain with fills 1 & 2

So last week we had a sitter for a few days that I wasn't comfortable with, but was our only option at the time... she not only took too many long smoke breaks, took too many phone calls, and took a nap on my couch when she was being paid to watch the children... she also took quite a few of my pain pills!
So we are looking for a new sitter!

Last week was pretty tough,
 - Monday I had my 1st fill, they clipped the stitches and my right drain came out that afternoon. I had pressure, pain, then sharp stabbing pain from where the drain used to be.
 - Tuesday I had pain, pressure and sharp stabbing pain.
 - Wednesday was a bit better.
 - Thursday I was moving around a lot and not in much pain, especially after my other drain came out.
 - Friday I was feeling really tired but not much pain until that evening... that night it got so bad, I can only describe it as multiple heart attacks each hour.
 - Saturday when I dozed I would wake up to the heart attack feeling, and it continued all night.
 - Sunday I called the Dr and they suggested Ibuprofen until Tuesday for the "muscle spasms"
 - Monday I was a bit better...
 - Today (Tuesday) morning I was feeling good! Then I went to the Dr....

I thought they were going to check on me with my first fill, make sure my drains were out... nope!
2nd fill!
I was so glad my husband was there to cover my eyes for me and let me squeeze his hand again.

They put 25 in during surgery, 75 in the 1st fill last week, 100 in today... my goal is 500 so I have only 3 more if I can tolerate 100 each time... we'll see, I may make my goal smaller!
Today I was prescribed a muscle relaxer to help with the pressure and spasms...

Overall this time has been easier than last week, I think I knew better what to expect so I didn't freak out as much... as the day has gone on breathing has gotten harder, but still not as bad as last week!
The test will be the next couple nights...

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