Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Missing Daddy

I have the most wonderful husband. He works really hard and travels with his job, dealing with missing us and missing out, so that he can support us and I can stay home with the kids. This isn't easy for him, or us, but we deal with it. He loves his job and we all like his company so the travelling, while not ideal, is worth it.

Sadly, sometimes his travel schedule leaves us missing out on time with our son, which is hard for all of us but until we can change that... We accept it, wishing things could be different, but trusting God will give us only what we are ready for and can handle.

From the moment that my husband and my first daughter met, they have been inseperable. So now there are 2 little daddies girls that are very attached to daddy and just aren't themselves when he's gone.
Which brings me to my dilemma today. We are halfway through a weeklong trip and I'm at a loss as to how to ease the pain.
With the baby, she nurses when she's upset about anything. Hungry, tired, hot, cold, you name it and nursing can usually fix it for her. It doesn't fix missing daddy... she pushes away from me and looks around talking, almost "calling" for him, then buries her head in my chest and cries, and repeats this until she is tired or hungry or both and then will let me fix her problems.
What about the big girl? How do I help her? Well this week has been easier and harder because she's been sick. She wants to snuggle and be held all the time. She wants to be told what day it is and how much longer until her daddy comes home. She wants to ask what daddy is doing and is fascinated that it's a different time where he is than it is here. So it's easier that I don't have to be one step ahead of her trying to find new ways to distract her.
Overall, this week is harder than usual. Our baby is "pre-teething" which means that she is sensitive to her teeth growing and moving under her gums, but they aren't ready to break through yet. So she's fussy and clingy. Our big girl doesn't feel well so she's crabby and clingy. Which means I have yet to have more than a bathroom break without atleast one of them wanting me to hold them.
Part of me is actually enjoying the chance to snuggle with both of them and take things super slow this week. The other part of me is upset that I can't find a way to get things done around the house since he isn't here to give me a small break in the evenings.
So I sit here, with one on either side of me, and thank God that I have a husband that wants to come home as much as we want him to. While praying that someday I can learn to balance snuggles and cleaning!
We will still miss him everytime he has to go, but hopefully we will find a way to make it easier on all of us.

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