Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dark nights lead to bright mornings.... right??

Even in the worst of places, there has to be hope... otherwise, what's the point?

When I was a small child, I remember waking up to a bad storm... and I ran with my brothers into my dads room and we found sleep in the safety of being close to him.
 - In the morning he would show us that the sun had come up, the rain and the storm had passed and we could make the day good if we would live in the present of today and not let the worries of yesterday or last night linger.

Lately there have been lots of dark clouds around here... we are waiting for the storms to come, because as you grow up, you learn to look for the signs and try to get out of the path, or make yourself comfortable for the night until they pass.

I feel I have been stuck in the sunset... waiting for the night of storms that are starting.
Trying to find ways to prepare the kids for the ones that affect them and shelter them from the ones they don't need to know...
Not sure how long the storms will take, or if we will ever get them all to end and pass, but I am holding to that belief that someday the sun will shine again on our whole family, and someday we will have a bright morning with no more storm clouds.... someday....
 : )

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