Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleeping habits...

Let me start by saying I know that my daughters are 2 different people, but I still wait for certain things to happen with my baby girl the way they did with my big girl. They are similar in some ways, and different in others, but it amazes me how different they are when it comes to sleeping.

My big girl would only sleep on her own when completely surrounded by
rolled blankets and a sleep positioner to hold her on her side, she would scream and refuse to go back to sleep if she was on her back or belly until she was over a year old, so she slept with me until she was over 2... She was a cat napper, but knew her days and night quickly, so night time she would go back to sleep easily... She was almost 2 yrs old before she slept through the night and she was 3 1/2 before she started taking only one long nap a day if she took one at all.
She now sleeps on her back all flailed out, it makes me laugh when I go to check on her at night.

My baby girl is often put down for a nap, or bedtime on her belly or back or
side, she has to be on her side if she's fussy, but mostly doesn't matter. She's fine to sleep on her own, almost anywhere but her favorite place is on her side snuggled up to daddy's back... she's getting moved to a crib tonight because daddy has been pushed off the bed by her too many times. Overall she's an easier baby when it comes to sleeping. She started taking long naps before she was 3 months old. When she's close to what I need to do it's great, otherwise I spend more time running back and forth to check on her than I do getting anything done.

So I started letting them nap together in my bed after one morning I let my
big girl lay down with her baby sister who was sleeping so I could take a shower... you know the whole "big sister is a built in 5 min baby sitter..." right?
Well, big sister fell asleep, and I walked in to the baby smacking and grabbing at her big sister and smiling whenever the big girl moved  :D
possibly a peek into the future, when they are older??
mornings when baby will wake up early and wake up her sister for morning play time...

and in time show us more similarities... and differences!

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